Shorts – 2-day short film framework

In recent years we have witnessed the success of the short film genre in Israel and the important place it holds in the local industry. Now more than ever, it is clear that the short film genre is not a student domain anymore but a challenging, creative form of expression; it has artistic and entertaining value on its own merit and it offers different tools and rules for filmmaking. As the central stage for displaying short films in Israel, the festival's main goal is to promote the short film genre and increase its exposure. During the festival, we will dedicate 2 days to talk about the different shades this genre has, we will explore its boundaries and talk about its virtues as well as its shortcomings. It will be a celebration of short films in a variety of genres: "Short and Experimental", a program for experimental, short films created by young filmmakers, "Short and Viral" which will explore the connection between Viral Filmography nowadays and the short films of early filmmaking, a seminar on the theoretical aspects of short film will be held and much more.