Group 1 / The Independent Short-Film Competition
Intergalactic Samurai
Israel19 minFictionHebrew2017

Lia’s younger sister, Daniella, was born with straight hair. Their mother along with the entire Ethiopian community believe she is blessed from above, while Lia vehemently denies this theory, and takes her sister on a dangerous journey in the hope of proving to everyone that god does not exist.

Director: Hagar Ben-Asher
Script: Hagar Ben-Asher
Camera: David Stragmeister
Editor: Guy Nemesh
Actors: Liya Ellis, Daniel Eyasu
Production: Kobi Azran
One More Experiment
Israel15 minFictionRussian2017

In the near future, human actors will be replaced by computerized characters causing all actors to become unemployed. Among them, an aging actor who has lost his job and visits a small booth near an old movie theatre, where a computer directs his monologue reading. This room is the only place left for him to act.

Director: Sergey Vlasov
Script: Sergey Vlasov, Daniel Bar
Camera: Daniel Bar
Editor: Ella Kohn
Actors: Isaac Pekar
Production: : Sergey Vlasov, Liel Soroka, Adam Robson
Handbook for Gardening
Israel, France11 minAnimationHebrew, French

“Handbook for Gardening” is the unique and personal story inspired by the events in Sarah Jane Hatooka’s life.  Through the eyes of Aria, the story introduces the first years in raising her son and her coming to terms with his autism.

Director: Sarah Jane Hatooka
Script: Sarah Jane Hatooka
Editor: Inbal Grossman
Actors: Dana Ivgi, Caroline Ducey
Production: Amit Gicelter, Dora Benousilio
Israel19 minFictionHebrew2017

A camel’s body lies in the middle of a desert road, exactly at the 147th kilometer, on the border between two settlements. Neither agrees to take responsibility for it.

Director: Boaz Frankel
Script: Boaz Frankel and Ofer Lichtman
Camera: Nayef Hammoud
Editor: Boaz Frankel & Ofer Lichtman
Actors: Menashe Noy, Rotem Keinan and Sasi Mato
Production: Eyal & Tinker Shiray
Valley of the Rulers
Serbia, Israel26 minDocumentarySerbian2018

A poetic, metaphysical, look at the everyday life in a distant nursing home on the edge of a mountain, near the city of Uzice in Serbia. It is the last stop on earth for old people called “clients”. Imprisoned in the isolated nursing home, and inside their withered bodies, they continue to fight for their spiritual freedom.

Director: Efim Graboy
Script: Efim Graboy
Camera: Constanza Sandoval
Editor: Walid Messnaoui
Production: Dejan Petrović
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Wednesday, 17:30
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