Program 9: Venturesome / The International Competition
Cuba 20 min.Documentary No Dialogue2017

The audience at a small circus becomes the lead role of a unique, extraordinary performance. Their lives fill with magic beneath the lights and shadows of the circus tent.

Director: Alejandro Pérez
Script: Alejandro Pérez, Juan Manuel Izquierdo, Bruno Herrero Pariente
Camera: Juan Carlos H. Villarreal
Editor: Bruno Herrero Pariente
Production: Carolina Graterol
Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV, Cuba
Thicker Than Water
Netherlands 23 min. Fiction Dutch2017

Kim is a 23 year-old kickboxer used to putting up a tough front. Her daily routine, fraught with intense training, is suddenly interrupted by an attractive security guard named Mo. Mo recognizes Kim’s gentle femininity beneath her veil of toughness, and confronts her with her inability to show emotion.

Director: Laras Reinstar
Script: Randa Peters
Camera: Ruben van Weelden
Editor: Ellemieke Middelhoff
Actors: Milou van Duijnboven, Adam Kissequel, Olaf Ait Tami
Production: Bryan van Baardewijk, Valerie Bisscheroux, Kaylee Hovemann
Netherlands Film Academy
Don´t Hate the Player
Spain 13 min.Fiction Spanish2017

Gael and Yuki enjoy playing games. He is fashion photographer and she is a model. Gael has arranged a party for Yuki, that is supposedly for getting acquainted with people in the fashion sector, while actually it is a game carefully designed by Gael.

Director: Héctor Herce Sánchez
Script: Carlos Álvarez Garrido, Daniel Castillo Molina
Camera: Jorge Rojas Menéndez, Rigel Mariana Pomares Amaré
Editor: Paula Martín-Ferro Sánchez, Ismael Heras Olmedo
Actors: Marcelo Carvajal Carpio, Xue Huang, Roman Reyes Abad, Max Gómez Lusso
Production: Helena Fernández Antona
Madrid Film School
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Wednesday, 17:30
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